5 tips to get your skin from puffy to perfect

Have you ever looked in the mirror in the morning and wondered why your face appears to be more puffy than usual? Well, you are not alone... 

Why do we get puffy skin? 

Water is carried through your body via your bloodstream and often that water can leak into the body tissues. The leaky water is supposed to be drained by the lymphatic system and then put back into the bloodstream. Water retention occurs when the water isn’t properly drained from the tissues. The most common areas that can be affected are the face, hands, abdomen, legs and feet. 

What causes water retention? 

Some of the main causes of water retention are genetics, too much salt in your diet, hot weather, hormonal changes, illness, allergies and flying. 

5 tips to avoid ‘puffy’ skin 

There are several lifestyle factors that can help you relieve the effects of water retention.  

  1. Eat a balanced diet, reduce your salt intake

There is no doubt that our bodies require a very small amount of sodium, it can help control blood pressure and aids in nerve and muscle function. Too much salt however leads to water retention, so try to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg and try to limit the amount of processed foods you eat. 

  1. Keep hydrated

Drinking more water throughout the day will help to flush out any excess sodium in your body. If you have consumed too much salt, your brain sends a signal that will result in you feeling thirstier. The more water you drink, the more urine you will expel, which is your body getting rid of the excess sodium. 

  1. Reduce alcohol consumption

When you drink alcohol, your blood vessels begin to widen so you may wake up the next day with a puffy face and under eye area. As alcohol is dehydrating, it can cause the body to hold onto more water, leading to the retention that becomes apparent in the face. 

  1. Exercise

When you exercise your sweat will get rid of any excess sodium in your body. Staying active will not only get rid of this extra sodium, but it will also deliver numerous physical and mental benefits. 

  1. Sleep, sleep, sleep!

Sleep is a key pillar of your health. A lack of sleep over a prolonged period may lead to your face /under eye area being puffier than normal and dark circles may appear as our blood vessels dilate.  

What can we do in the morning to reduce a puffy face? 

  • Cold Compress: Take a cold face cloth and gently apply to your face to quickly reduce the puffiness- The cold temperature will cause the blood vessels that are near the surface of the skin to constrict and retain heat. This will then help to reduce some swelling 
  • Facial Massage: Gentle massage the face while applying your products. This will give your circulation a boost with the delivery of oxygen to your face, leading to a healthier complexion. The mini facial massage will also encourage lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system helps to support healthy fluid levels in your body, massage can help move the buildup of lymphatic fluid helping to reduce swelling.  
  • Seaweed Products: Seaweed is known for its excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, which makes it an ideal ingredient for soothing and healing skin. The amazing algae can also help to promote cell regeneration and micro circulation, helping you to achieve glowing, radiant skin.