How to care for your skin during pregnancy

During your pregnancy you will experience changes to your body and some of these changes can occur to your skin. Your body will experience a surge in hormones (estrogen and progesterone) that go to your blood vessels, immune system, skin pigment and your glands. It’s important to keep an eye on what ingredients are in your skincare products as certain ones can be absorbed into your body and therefore into your baby’s too. 


Skin changes  


You may notice your existing freckles darken and, in some cases, dark blemishes may appear on your face. This is called melasma and is sometimes referred to as a “pregnancy mask”.  

Stretch marks 

Stretch marks can occur on the tummy, thighs and groin. Using a body oil like our Nurturing Body Oil may help to reduce their appearance and speed up any healing. 

Blood vessels 

Due to the many blood vessels below the skins surface and increase in blood volume, your cheeks can form a blush as a result. Oil gland secretion increases and that gives your skin a sheen, or what many people would call a “pregnancy glow”. 

Pregnancy-safe skincare routine 

  1. Use a mild cleanser on your face, use lukewarm water to wash off. ishga Active Cleansing Lotion is gentle on skin and will leaving your skin feeling soothed. 
  1. If you use a serum, apply it now. Our Regenerating Face Serum will brighten and tighten your skin. 
  1. Apply moisturiser. Our Balancing Marine Cream is more lightweight in texture than our Anti-oxidant Marine Cream and will help calm and balance the skin. 
  1. Apply your eye cream. Our Rejuvenating Eye Balm contains Vitamin F, rich in essential fatty acids to balance moisture in the thinner skin of the eye area, and effectively plump, firm and tone. 
  1. Sunscreen - Avoid chemical-based sunscreens and use a mineral based formula for your face and other parts of exposed skin. Even on cloudy days, UV rays can still get through. 
  1. For stretch marks, use a body oil to keep your skin moisturised and to help prevent scarring. Our Nurturing Body Oil contains no seaweed extract and is safe to use during pregnancy. 

What ishga products are safe to use during your pregnancy? 

At ishga, we are certified organic by the Soil Association. So that means that our products contain: 

  • No GM (genetically modified) ingredients.   
  • No controversial chemicals.  
  • No parabens or phthalates.  
  • No synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances. 

All our products can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding except for these 5 body products: 

  • Hebridean Sea Salt Scrub 
  • Invigorating Body Oil 
  • Invigorating Body Lotion 
  • Invigorating Bath Salts 
  • Seaweed Bath 

This is due to the detoxing effects of the seaweed, essential oils of lemongrass and juniper and how the products are absorbed into the skin. 

ishga Nurturing Body Oil 

Unlike our other oils it does not contain seaweed extract, making it an ideal and safe oil to use on pregnant women. The body oil contains a blend of jojoba, thistle and almond oils alongside rose geranium to provide anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties for the skin. Rose geranium is also a natural hormone balancer. 

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