Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of ishga. Since day one, it has been weaved through our products and processes and continues to drive our brand forward. Our aim is to provide the best results-driven organic skincare for you, delivered through the unique power of Hebridean seaweed. The ocean supplies us with this wonderful marine plant, and our entire team holds our responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet with the highest importance in everything we do.

We’re firm believers in the power of nature to heal, and we’re passionate about seaweed and the unique ability it has to restore us. The ocean covers more than 70% of the surface of the planet and holds 97% of all water on Earth, meaning it’s vital that we do all we can to protect it. 

Our Processes

Seaweed Harvesting

  • Our seaweed harvesting is certified by the Biodynamic Association. This means our harvesting method allows for natural regeneration and biodiversity. When we hand harvest our nutrient-rich Hebridean seaweed, we rotate the locations we visit carefully to give nature a chance to replenish her stocks properly. Our team carries out weekly trips to local shorelines to freshly collect four types of seaweed that are vital to our results-driven skincare. We take only what we need to allow our fresh batches to be created.
  • As a marine plant, seaweed does not need soil, fresh water or fertiliser to grow; it is completely self-sufficient, nutrient-dense and grows rapidly year-round. We are mindful of the harvesting methods we use, and ensure it is cut properly to allow for quick, natural regeneration


  • As we are certified organic, this also means our supply chain is too. We ensure traceability of ingredients meaning we only use high quality, sustainable suppliers.


  • We do not use tap water in any of our products, instead we use locally sourced Hebridean healing spring well water (located 15 mins from our lab), and seawater from our shorelines. The coastal waters surrounding the Outer Hebrides are recognised as being amongst the most pristine in the world, and to reflect this, they’ve been given the highest quality classification available by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency. 


  • We have met the high manufacturing standards of ISO22716, meaning our production practices and processes are of the highest quality.

Local Ingredients

  • We reduce our carbon footprint by using locally sourced ingredients where possible. We collect fresh seaweed from the shores of Lewis which is then brought back to our lab in Stornoway and made into our organic skincare range. We do not store or dry out seaweed before using it, meaning less energy and water use. Our Hebridean spring and sea water is also gathered locally, measured carefully to take only what we need.


Our Products

Certified organic by the Soil Association

  • This means our products have met rigorous standards and passed audits to meet the requirements. Our Soil Association certification means that our products contain:
    • No GM (genetically modified) ingredients 
    • No controversial chemicals  
    • No parabens or phthalates 
    • No synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances 
    • No nanoparticles 
    • Certified sustainable palm oil ingredients 
    • Recycled and recyclable packaging where possible 
    • And no animal testing has been done in the making of our products

The Soil Association publishes frequent updates to their standard, in which ishga are constantly striving towards achieving. 


  • When it comes to packaging, we reuse wherever possible. Our team extend the lifecycle of resources such as mailing boxes and packaging, sent from our suppliers, and then reused by us to send items to our spa partners.
  • When we supply our spa partners, we use biodegradable packaging. We no longer use plastic bubble wrap, gloves, wet wipes or laminated boxes and instead use only eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Our product packaging uses only FSC certified cardboard, meaning it comes from responsibly managed forests.

Reducing Plastic

  • We have introduced screw cap refill options across our glass bottles range, allowing for customers to keep their existing pump, leading to less plastic use, and driving a more circular economy.
  • We made a commitment to stop the production of single use plastic sample sachets. We are continuing to drive down plastic use by introducing glass bottles across the majority of our range. Reducing plastic is vital when we approach new product development.


  • We are rigidly cruelty-free. We never have and never will test on animals, and our range is vegan.