When should you start a wedding skincare routine?

Preparing to get married is an exciting and busy time. Large wedding or small, the organisation and planning that goes into that one day can often lead to stress and feeling overwhelmed. Let’s not make skincare one of your stressors; we have you covered and can help you get glowing skin for the big day ahead!  

When should I start my bridal skincare routine? 

Given that you will likely be very busy in the run up to the big day, your skincare routine might not be at the top of your list. In between table settings, meal choices and supplier timings, it’s easy to let self-care slip to the back of your mind. Don't over look taking care of yourself in the run up! Many often make the mistake of leaving skincare improvements until the last minute or decide to switch to use different products too close to the big day, which could disrupt your skin barrier and lead to breakouts. We would recommend starting your bridal skincare routine at least four months before you get married, allowing your skin to adapt to any new products you decide to introduce safely. It will also let you understand what works best for your skin and see the long-term results. 

Four months before the wedding  

If you decide you want to introduce a new skincare product, now is the time. Giving your skin as much time as possible to adjust will mean you get the best possible results. Keep your routine consistent in both the morning and evening, but it doesn’t need to be overly complicated. 

At ishga, we’re big fans of the double cleanse for two reasons: Firstly, it removes grime, dirt, oils, and dead skin cells, helping to unclog pores and keep your skin in its best health. Secondly, a thoroughly cleansed face will be able to absorb your skincare products better, allowing vitamins, minerals and active ingredients to get into your skin layers and work efficiently. If you don't already double cleanse, this is an ideal step to introduce in the evenings.  

Two months before the wedding 

As the day draws closer, focus on keeping your skin as hydrated as possible. If skin becomes too dehydrated it can become dull in appearance. Here are our favourite tips for keeping hydrated:  

  • Drink plenty of water – your skin will thank you for it and you will truly see your inner glow revealed! 
  • Eat foods rich in water 
  • Moisturise morning and evening with a hydrating moisturiser, like our Hydra+ Marine Cream 

One month before the wedding 

By now you will be in a regular skincare routine, using the same products consistently. With your wedding day now just weeks away, now is a good time to focus on minimising stress as that could lead to breakouts or irritation on the skin. This may be easier said than done with wedding deadlines looming, but prioritising mindfulness, self-care, and getting plenty of sleep is key. Skin cells regenerate much faster during the night than during the day, as cell renewal and repair reaches its peak during the hours of 10pm- 6am.   

Two weeks before the wedding 

If you decide that you want to get a facial, we recommend getting it done 1-2 weeks before the day. Or, you could introduce a course of facials over time in the lead up to the wedding. A massage would also help you to relax and help alleviate any stress you might be experiencing. Our wonderful ishga partners offer a haven of relaxation and rejuvenating treatments to get you feeling your best. Find your nearest one here.  

Day of the wedding 

The big day has finally arrived, you have woken up feeling excited, a little nervous, and with glowing skin. All the hard work you have put in over the last few months has finally paid off! So, what might your bridal morning skincare routine look like with ishga?  

  1. Start off with a double cleanse with ishgaMarine Cleansing Balm, which will get deep into pores and lift out dirt, make-up, and excess oils. Follow up by applying Active Cleansing Lotion, before rinsing.
  2. A spritz of Hebridean Marine Toner to follow will rebalance the pH of your skin.
  3. If you have opted to use a serum, apply it now.
  4. A gentle dab of Rejuvenating Eye Balm will keep your eye area hydrated and nourished.
  5. Finally, you are ready to moisturise. This step is crucial as it will ensure your skin is hydrated throughout the day. Depending on your skin type an ishga Marine Cream will give your skin nourishment leaving your skin feeling renewed and ready for the day ahead!